Wedding Photography

This is your special moment. You’ve dreamed of this your entire life, and your wedding is going to be perfect! Just you and your soulmate- the most beautiful person in the world. And we want to be there to capture it all. For you. Long after the guests have left (having raved about how great the party was), and long after you’ve forgotten what the main course was, your pictures will be there for you. And for your family. Amazing, fond memories, preserved for future generations. For those loved ones far and wide, for those who were not able to come to your wedding, they’ll be able to share your joy.

Our photographic style can be described as fun, candid, and timeless. We are there to record all the great memories, in a non-intrusive, laid-back way. We won’t do anything to stress you out, so you can be free to enjoy every aspect of your wedding day. The more relaxed you are, the better your pictures will be. We’ll create art for your home, as well as capture those “Mom” shots (you know, the ones that your Mom wants you to have). The more adventurous you’re feeling, the crazier we’ll go.




You get to decide what you want. You are the curator, the director, and the stars of the show! But we got your back. We provide our full support not only on your special day, but we’ll help you every step off the way. We’ll help you figure out the timeline so that the day won’t feel rushed, leaving planning of time for your pictures, hanging out with the guests, and of course, dancing! Not many other photographers will go the extra mile for you- but we will.





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