Day +206: Water

Welcome to my 206th day of blogging (fanfare, fireworks, hip hip hooray)! It’s been a big week. Our first not-so-newborn shoot (7 weeks) was tough. And it rained most of the weekend, so I had to find other ways to entertain myself. I used my “good cameras” for the photoshoot, so in keeping with last week’s blog, I only used my Lumix GF7, but this time with the 20/1.8 prime. It’s a much, much nicer lens than the kit zoom. And I have now gotten used to prime lenses, and it’s something I much prefer (although I love my 70-200IS 2.8). The only other zoom lens I am considering (read: probably will) getting is the 16-35/2.8.

Here’s a Smokey update. He’s much bigger now:


What else is there to do on a rainy weekend but play Disney Infinity 3.0?


And make chicken soup:


And speaking of rain, it actually hailed..


It’s the first time I’ve seen hail at our place for years. And they were baby ones, so our cars survived.

Recently there’s been so much rain (not that I’m complaining considering Summer is just around the corner), the weeds are growing through the deck:




This weekend, I experimented with water. In this image, you can see the raindrops:


Most people are familiar with blurring water (such as waterfalls) using slow shutter speeds. I’m trying to do the opposite here- freeze the rain drops, so I used fast shutter speeds (faster than 1/1000th of a second). ISO will have to go up to compensate for the small amount of light hitting the sensor with such short exposures.

I pushed my GF7 hard to get the following images:



With a little imagination, you can get some cool images of every day things. A rainy weekend doesn’t mean you have to leave your camera in your bag.

Until next time…