Day +30: Vivid Chatswood; not every shoot is a successful one, but that’s OK


Not all photo outings are successful- the key is to not allow it to affect your confidence. Last night, we went to Chatswood for the opening night of the Vivid Festival. It was cold, windy and rainy- conditions not very conducive to image making. Honestly, I’m not overly pleased with any of the pictures I took, but I did learn a lot (and that’s the most important part).

The whole time, I shot in Manual, which was tough given the lighting. In the image above, I attempted to get some blur in the crowd walking past my using a slow shutter speed. I am reasonably pleased that the sign in the foreground is sharp, considering that all my photos were handheld. And that’s about all I really like about the picture.

vivid2 vivid3 vivid4

Another challenge is trying to keep the crowds out of the images; I tried different angles and came up with the above result.

vivid5 vivid6

The above image (the first one) is flawed because of the slow shutter speed, making some of the faster-moving projections blurry. I was happier with the second image; by using available light, the atmosphere was preserved (a flash would have ruined it). However, I’m not happy with the composition. Last night was just one of those so-so outings, but I still learned a thing or two, and that makes me happy. Hopefully I will have an opportunity to check out the much bigger (and more elaborate) displays in the city before the festival concludes.

PS- I’ve added a couple of photos to my Gallery too.