Clifton gardens

Day +882: Clifton Gardens

Clifton Gardens is located in Sydney’s north, near Taronga Zoo. It’s easily accessible by car, with parking directly at the gardens (for a fee), or in one of the nearby streets (connected by a steep stairway). It’s a great place to bring your family for a picnic, a little dip in the ocean, or for […]

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Day +626: Gear or Photographer, Part 1

I’m officially joining in on the debate of whether a “good camera” is all that is needed to produce great images. But instead of showing you how great images can be made with the top-of-the-line pro camera and lens, costing many thousands of dollars, I’m going to do the opposite, and subject an affordable, “hobbyist” […]

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Day +564: The CUTEST family!

  Getting a nice picture of your family, or just the kids, especially with you in it, can be next to impossible. Kids don’t co-operate, they don’t want to be in photos, and sometimes, they’re just in a downright bad mood. As family portrait photographers, it is our job to get great images, even given […]

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