Day +289: Reality

Vacations are great because they make you see how fantastic and fun life can be. Like all things (good and bad), they have to come to an end, replaced with day-to-day reality. Fun getaways do of 2 things: they make you want more fun getaways (greedy, I know- but hey, don’t we all deserve it?), and they make you re-evaluate your life: what ¬†you want to do with it, and where you want to live it.

Whilst for most of us, it takes time to turn our dreams into reality, there are things we can do to take the grind out of everyday life, and that’s what I plan on doing- enjoying the journey, rather than just wait until I arrive at my destination.

This year, I’m going to enjoy things around me more. I’m gonna enjoy whatever nature brings:


And I’m gonna try more new things (even if they seem like a hassle to start with- you never know where you’ll end up):


That leads me to a mini review. We’ve been wanting to go to Tim Ho Wan in Chatswood ever since it opened (the one in Hong Kong won a Michelin Star). I heard it was expensive, and that the lines were ridiculously long. We tried to go once, but weren’t prepared to wait the 50 minutes to get a table, but finally we made it. We went on a weekend, but at 2:30pm, after the rush. There was no wait, and we got to try the food. Was it good? Yes. Was it expensive? A little bit. Was it great? Not quite. But I’m glad I tried it. I might not go back anytime soon, but I can say I know what the buns taste like.

Photographically speaking, I am in the process of editing the photos for Steph and Brad’s wedding that we shot in late December. I am excited to show them the final product. I think they’ll like it.