Day +413: Rain!

The rain sure came down last weekend! So much so that we lost power for three days after a tree came down and took our the power lines in our street, and blocked off the road as well.



It took the folks at Ausgrid that long to get to us- but there was a lot of damage around Sydney. Unfortunately by then, everything had spoiled in our fridge- at least everybody was safe, albeit inconvenienced.


When the rain comes that hard for that long, and the wind is howling continuously, it’s nature telling us who is really in control. And it’s not the internet or the TV that we missed, but it was just the thought of having to sit in the dark, night after night…


The power is back on, and life goes on. And that’s what happens in life. No matter how dark things seem, the sun will come out tomorrow- you can bet your bottom dollar…