Day +560: The Perfect Photo?

Sometimes the best photo is not the one that is technically perfect. But rather, it is the feelings that are invoked when you look it, often years later.

The image that I captured at the Beecroft Multicultural Fair is one such example. It was taken with an 85mm lens, at f1.4, ISO 100, 1/8000th of a second. There are flaws in this photo. Because there was a fence separating me from the girls (and I couldn’t get any closer). And because this was a single moment in time that I was able to capture because I had my camera with me, ready to shoot. I love this picture. And each time I look it, I like it more. I see past the imperfections and look at what the image is really about- 2 girls having fun on an amusement ride. And that’s the point of photography.

Professional photographers might look at this image and pick it to pieces because of the technical imperfections- I could care less about these criticisms because I captured a moment in time. Could I have made this picture technically perfect? Sure- I could have set up the whole scene. Made sure that the girl on the left didn’t have a fold in her dress, perhaps made sure the images was even sharper. But guess what, I would have lost the spontaneous smile and the look of joy on the girls’ faces.

Here’s a little secret of photography: most non-professionals look at photographs and love them because they mean something to them. To them (us), it doesn’t matter if the composition is slightly off, or it’s a tiny bit out of focus. It’s what you feel when you look at the image.

Happy photographing, and remember: Find what you love to do, and then do it- as often as you possibly can. Until next time…