Day +303: The Beach

A lot of people think that I’m strange-┬áliving in a place like Australia and not liking beaches. In fact, I’m not a fan of hot weather at all. This weekend, we decided to venture to Palm Beach. Have you ever had the feeling that when you go on vacation, you can photograph almost anything, but in your own backyard, nothing seems to stimulate your creative juices? One of the main reasons for that is familiarity- you travel the same roads, you visit the same places, you eat at the same restaurants, and as a result, the novelty is lost.

So how can you stay creative in your photography when you are not travelling? By searching for things (or people, or events) that you have not experienced before. I’ve lived in Sydney for over 35 years, and I’ve never been to this beach, so for me, it is a novelty.

The skies were overcast, which was perfect, considering that we were there in the middle of the day. Without the cloud cover, it would be very difficult to get an interesting picture. The light would be flat, the contrast off, and the result a boring photograph.


I only had one lens with me- the 16-35/2.8L Canon. Sand can be brutal for your gear, so be careful. It is abrasive, and can easily scratch the lens, or the sensor. Be VERY careful if you are planning on changing lenses at the beach, especially if it’s windy!



I’ve just received a new toy to help me with my post-processing. It’s an Wacom Intuos Pro (small). I think it’s going to revolutionise what I can do with Photoshop. I’ll post a little review in the future. Happy photographing!