Day +213: Macros & Panoramas (see post :-))

42 degrees on Friday- thank goodness it cooled down for the weekend! Today, I did 2 things: took some macro shots, and I tried to do something totally new (see below).


Macro photography looks easy, but believe me, if you want to do it well, it’s not. First of all, you need a dedicated macro lens at the very least. Normal lenses just won’t cut it because with true macro, you need to get close enough to the subject. Taking a standard image and then cropping is a poor second choice. For the images in this post, I used the Canon 100mm 2.8L macro, attached to my Sony A7Rii using an adaptor.

This is the key to¬†macro photography: adequate depth of field. Standard rules of aperture / depth of field need to be tweaked when doing macro photography. You need to use small apertures (at least f8, preferably f16 or even smaller), otherwise there will not be enough of the subject in focus. What does this mean? It means that the lens is letting in very little light, and hence you will have to either: add light, use slow shutter speeds, or high ISOs. This could increase the amount of noise in the picture (although modern cameras can perform well with high ISOs), or increase the likelihood of a blurry photo (try to use a tripod if at all possible). Moving objects such as insects (or even flowers that are blowing in the wind) are even harder, and you can’t use slow shutter speeds, tripod or not.

With still subjects, it is quite easy to get images like these:



And was the chocolate in the featured image above nice? It was raspberry (I think), and it was OK:




I was looking for some inspiration and stumbled on a website that had details of how to do a “Circle Polyorama”, so I thought I’d give it a go (for those interested in the instructions- you’ll need Photoshop), here is the website. The instructions are reasonably easy to follow, with 2 important notes:

  1. Make sure you merge the layers or you won’t be able to use the filter
  2. Try to get sky in the entire stitched image if you can (I didn’t for half of the panorama)

Anyway, these are my 2 attempts. Which one do you prefer? Until next time, find something fun to shoot….