About Lydia


She was a nurse, and is now a portrait photographer. She is also my beautiful wife, a great Mom, and my best friend. Lydia makes up one half of Derek Chai Photography. She designs beautiful albums, and brings balance to the Force. Without her, I’m just a guy with an expensive camera.


The things you’ll first notice about Lydia is that she has great ideas on how to get the best pictures, and that she cares. She has a tremendous “eye”, and has the knack of capturing emotion, whether that be a small child, or the mother of the bride on that special day.


Lydia can be contacted here




Lydia prefers to shoot with full-frame Canon camera bodies and wide-aperture prime lenses (the ones that give you those buttery smooth, out of focus backgrounds). She particularly loves the Canon 50/1.4 and 85/1.8 (they’re great portrait lenses). She loves shooting with both natural light and flash.