Day +160: More Blue Mountains

I don’t normally mention establishments, but Lilianfels is a great hotel. It is elegant and feels posh, but at the same time, does not feel snobbish. You don’t feel like you have to be in a suit and tie to eat at the restaurant either. Located a very short walk from the Three Sisters, the only issue is that parking can be very difficult (there is free parking, but only about 15 spaces, which fills up quickly- the problem is that even if you find a space, it maybe gone when you get back from your day out).

Lilianfels isn’t really close to any shops or restaurants, so it’ s eat at the hotel or drive to Katoomba and find something. Rooms are comfortable, and there are 2 pools, an outdoor heated infinity pool and an indoor heated pool. Needless to say, our daughter has tried both.


Even during the school holidays, we scored 20% off per night, which makes the rates quite reasonable considering what else you could get around the area (and it was only $100 more than the motor inn we stayed in at Dubbo). I highly recommend this hotel if you ever travel to the mountains for business or pleasure.

My wife loves to look in antique stores, and whilst there are quite a few in the mountains, most are really expensive and sell junk more than treasures. Many were closed today.


With still a few days left of my vacation week, I plan to spend more time doing what I love- being a real photographer.



Do you only take your camera out when on vacation? For me, I take my camera everywhere. On vacation, doing every day things, going to the supermarket. Why? Because it trains my eye (it makes me look at things from an image creation perspective), and I have something available if a good photographic opportunity pops up.

You don’t have to be like me a carry a “big camera”- your phone will do. But when you’re walking around, take a close look at things- see what might make a good image, whether it be light or a pattern. Have fun!