Day +317: Hope



A simple, 4-letter word that carries with it the meaning of life. Without hope, there is no life. I’m not talking about the “I hope I win the lottery” sort of hope. I’m talking about the “help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope” kinda hope.

Hope is what we live for. It’s what keeps our head down when the going is seemingly impossible. It’s what makes the daily hustle and the short-term pain worthwhile. Hope leads us down the path to achieve our dreams. But without hard work, hope is nothing more than a dream.

Anybody who knows me knows that my ultimate goal is to photograph Disney weddings.


Right now, I feel a million miles from my goal. I’ve only shot one wedding, I don’t know if I’m good enough and, oh, a bigger issue- I live 7500 miles away. But I live in hope- that one day, I will be good enough (all I need to do is keep practising right?). It may take a year or five, that’s all. Photography is what makes me want to get out of bed in the morning. That is a feeling I haven’t felt in a long time with medicine (if I ever felt it at all).



There are days (and weeks) when hope seems to fade, and I feel lightyears away from achieving my dream. But I won’t let hope die. Because the sun will come out tomorrow… it always does, whether you believe or not.


What are your dreams and how are your working at achieving them?

Happy photographing….