Can you suggest locations for photos?

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We can suggest nice places to photograph you, but if you have any places that are of significance to you, those are generally the best places for a photoshoot- because they will carry meaning when you look back on your pictures years from now. Here are some general guidelines:

  • Distance: Remember the more time we spend travelling, the less time we have to take the photographs
  • Private property: If it’s not public property, you will need permission to be there. There are certain places that you will almost certainly NOT be able to have your photoshoot: eg. military installations, airports, train stations, malls
  • Tourist attractions (like zoos, theme parks) might be possible, but bear in mind the cost of admission and the need to gain permission prior to the day (this is your responsibility). Some places in Sydney that you might not know requires a permit for wedding photography include: Botanical Gardens, Centennial Park, Olympic Park precinct. Please also remember that in crowded locations, it’s really hard to not have other people in your photographs
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