Day +156: Dubbo Zoo on a bike

Today was day one of two days we plan to spend in Dubbo Zoo (actually, it’s called Western Plains Zoo):



Some of the animals in the zoo:







It was a good day for photography (just like a real-life Canon advertisement :-))




Our consensus of opinion so far is that:

  1. There really aren’t that many animals to see
  2. The zoo needs to be better sign-posted (it is a 6km circuit, but by trying to see the different animals, we regularly found ourselves backtracking to places we visited before- I think we easily did 9km)
  3. If you hire bikes (as we did), be prepared for an aching back and a sore bum. The seats are terrible
  4. Food is expensive and poor quality (like most zoos / theme parks we’ve been to)


It’s been a nice experience so far. We have one more day (zoo tickets are good for 2 consecutive days), and we’ll be seeing some things that we didn’t get to see today.



I treat every photographic outing as a learning experience. Today, it was a bit of a test as to how much gear I could carry without feeling so encumbered that I couldn’t take the photographs I wanted. It was reasonable to be armed with 2 bodies and 4 lenses (including the tank-like 70-200), but it was not reasonable to carry all of this whilst riding a bicycle that was too small with a seat that was rock-hard. Mid-way through the day, my rear-end was so sore that it made photography difficult.

How much gear you bring really depends on what you’ll be doing and how you’ll be doing it. Having so much gear that you can’t be bothered getting it out to take photographs is pointless.

Until next time….