Day +930: Dayna



I recently had the privilege of photographing this beautiful lady. Dayna is an intelligent, highly skilled intensive care nurse, who is embarking on a career that she is truly passionate about- nutrition. So, it was fantastic when she reached out and asked me do a portrait / headshot session for her social media (the name of her company is Coure Nutrition).

In recent months, I’ve been studying the technique of master headshot photographer, Peter Hurley. Lydia and I were very impressed with him at the WPPI in Las Vegas earlier this year. His style is one which puts the subject at ease, and he gets great results by using great lighting, mixed in with simplicity. There are no complicated backdrops or uncomfortable posing- it’s all natural and the results are amazing.

I am still developing my lighting style, but I like the image I took for this blog post very much.



For this image, I used a Sony A7Rii, adapted with a Canon 70-200/2.8 IS lens, mounted on a tripod. I used a white backdrop, with natural light from a window, camera right. ISO 320, 1/125th, f10, at 182mm. I added a Rotolight Neo at full power, pointed at the white backdrop (to make the background as white as possible). I supplemented the window light with a Profoto B2 (this is my all-time favourite strobe).


This is about as complex as I get when lighting my subject. Some photographers use three, or even four, light setups and, apart from the fact that I don’t have that much equipment, it seems too complicated to me. I hope you guys have fun working out the best style for you. Just keep shooting regularly, and the results will show. Until next time….