Day +888: Rozelle Markets

Rozelle markets

On a hot September Sydney day, we ventured out to the Rozelle Markets. Located on the grounds of the school, there were many people peddling their wares. Everybody was catered for, including Gaston obviously (he uses antlers in all of his decorating).


There were some old tools (better be careful though!):




And everybody loves Frozen (check out the drink bottle):




Can you find a treasure in this collection?




Markets are a great place for some colour, but sometimes you have to use a bit of stealth, because some people don’t like their stuff photographed. All the photos of the Rozelle Markets were taken with a Canon EOS-M5, with a 35/1.4 L lens on it. Not too obtrusive, but this combination gives you a good quality setup that is also lightweight, perfect for a day out. You can switch off the beep so the camera makes no noise when you focus, but be aware that the shutter is not silent (the Sony A7Rii and Sony A9 have completely silent shooting), so in quite places, people will still know. It just depends on your style and what you’re trying to achieve with the photograph.

On the way back to the car, we came across this place. The sign looked cool, so I took a picture. Carry a camera with me (most of the time) trains my eye to look for subjects / light that might convert into a beautiful picture. The image below was enhanced slightly in Lightroom, but the essence of the “straight out of camera” image remains true.




Stay cool, enjoy the rest of the weekend, and enjoy your photography. Hit us up on our social media if you feel like connecting. Later.