Day +873: Spring Is Here

spring purple flower

Spring is here. Flowers are in bloom, from magnolias to blossoms. Signs that warmer (read: hot) weather is just around the corner. First week of September, and Sydney already has bushfires 🙁



Now is the time to come out of hibernation, organise yourself, and then go get it. Every day is a new opportunity to move closer to the life you want.


white flower

Spring is a great time to organise that family photo that you’ve been thinking about all Winter. Right now is the perfect time. It’s warmer, but not too hot. And everybody has a “spring” in their step (excuse the pun). And soon, we’ll all be busy as the holiday season rapidly approaches. For more information about our Portrait Photography service, click here.



All images taken with the Canon EOS M5, handheld, with the Canon 100/2.8L macro lens. ISO 100.