Day +630: Gear or Photographer, p2, Glebe Markets

Yesterday, I took the same Olympus EM10 to the markets, this time, with only the Panasonic 25/1.7 lens (this is a 50mm full-frame sensor equivalent). This is a standard focal length, and about the lightest lens you can pair with a camera. I did some candid / documentary street photography, on a bright, middle-of-the-day sunny day.

This camera handles streetscapes pretty well:20170107-glebemarkets-001

When it comes to candid street photography, you want: Silent shooting (I turned off the focus beep, but the shutter is pretty loud), fast focus, a tilting viewfinder (this helps with “shooting from the hip”), and a less obtrusive, smaller size. This camera combo ticks most of these boxes, and here is a collection of images:

The combination of a small micro-4/3 mirrorless camera and a 50mm prime makes a compelling choice for a pocketable, walk around camera.

One thing that I did find to be a bit of an issue is shooting wide open in full sun. Given the minimal ISO of 200, and the fastest shutter of 1/4000th, I found that I was about 2 stops overexposed when shooting in a bright area at f1.7. So wide-open aperture portraits maybe a little bit more difficult with this camera. Otherwise, it passed today with flying colours.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post, and remember: find what you love to do, and do it as often as you possibly can. Happy photographing…