Day +617: Boxing Day Portrait

Continuing on from yesterday, I took some more family portraits.

20161226-parentshoot-012-editThe backdrop is distinctively Australian countryside. The image was shot on a Canon 6D with 50mm lens at f5, ISO 100, 1/125th. The subjects were lit by an off-camera high-speed sync flash + softbox. I was using my wife’s gear for this shoot, because there are problems with my off-camera flash system. For some reason, the Nissin flash is shorting out any new batteries placed in. One or two fires of flash, and the battery is flat! I foresee the purchase of a genuine Sony wireless flash trigger in the near future, now that they’re available in Australia.

One of the keys to a good portrait is light, and flash helps to separate the subject/s from the background. Especially when shooting multiple rows of people, it’s not possible to shoot with wide apertures. Without flash, your subject is much more likely to blend in with the background, which is not something that is desirable in a portrait.

Keep shooting guys, and make your portraits stand out above the rest. Find something you love to do, and do it as often as you possibly can.