Day +587: Just a couple of hours away from the house…

Sometimes you have to take what you can get. And if that is a couple of hours in the city with your girls, then you take it. After all, it’s better than nothing. Life isn’t always about pleasing others, so we sat on a train, ate some ice cream, took some pictures, and played Pokemon Go near the Opera House (there are some Pokemon there that we’ve not seen before). That may sound boring to some, but it’s all the family time we had this weekend. And I had to be OK with that.

Here is some more of that street photography I’ve been working on recently:

There were lots of wedding shoots going down around the foreshore.


These newly-weds seemed a little lost, but her red shoes do look good:


And not sure what these guys were trying to do. The light wasn’t that great, but hopefully they got something epic:


You need to make the most of what you’ve got in front of you. That applies not just in photography, but life in general.

Find the thing that you love to do, and do it as often as you possibly can. Happy photographing!