Day +573: Street Photography

I personally find street photography really difficult. It’s a controversial area of photography, where you are taking photographs of people without necessarily getting their permission first.


It’s candid, but it creates a level of stress that you don’t have in other areas of photography. There are 2 basic ways to do street photography:

  1. Ask permission
  2. Do it stealthily


As a rule, if you ask permission, you get more of an environmental portrait rather than a candid image of somebody being absorbed in what they are doing. And sometimes it is the fact that the person doesn’t know that they’re being photographed that makes the image special. Because they are not posing for you.

There are ethical aspects of street photography too. Legally speaking, if you are in a public place, you cannot stop somebody taking a photograph of you. Personally, if somebody is taking a picture of me, I’d prefer that they don’t do it with a long lens from behind the bush.

Happy photographing. And remember, find what you love to do, and do it as often as you possibly can.