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We think our work speaks for itself. All of our photography products are delivered with love, and has a value that greatly exceeds its monetary cost. Whilst we don’t provide discounts as such, we do periodically offer promotions that will give you even more value. There is no catch, just our way of giving back to our valued clients. You will find the promotions on this page, or you can hear about them first (some promotions are available in limited quantities only) by subscribing to our Newsletter. You can do this by entering your email address at the top of the page.




2017 has come to an end, and 2018 is here.

If you’re looking at your family Christmas photo and wish that there was a nicer one to hang on the wall, we might have the solution for you. We now offer a Mini Portrait Session, perfect if you want to have a short session, with just a nice picture (or three).


Our mini sessions are great for individuals, couples, families, and even pets. They’re great fun and most importantly, are quick. Here’s how they work:

  1. You book us and schedule a time. At your house, or a park near you. Or wherever you would like.
  2. You are ready when we arrive. You can wear what you want, have you hair and make-up done before hand if you’d like.
  3. We get there and set up. Once we’re ready, we ask Siri to “set a timer for 30 minutes”. And we go.
  4. We take as many images / combinations / set-ups as we can in 30 minutes. Kinda like speed dating. We laugh. We have fun. You get great pictures.
  5. We upload the images on our Online Gallery within a week.
  6. You choose your favourite 3 pictures, and download them to your computer / device.
  7. If you love more than 3 images, you can buy the rest, or have us make a little book or print or wall art for you.
  8. You’re done, and everybody loves your photographs!

It’s that easy. No time wasted. Your pictures are done. For you, or as a gift for somebody you love. And you can get on with relaxing, or doing other stuff.

If this “no mucking about” session sounds good to you, drop us a line and we’ll set it up!


mini session


COST: $150 (for clients within 5km of postcode 2119). $200 for clients who are outside of this radius (but still within the Sydney Metro area).
INCLUDES: 30 minute session, 3 downloadable hi-resolution JPEG images of your choice (from our online viewing gallery).

Gift Certificates are available!

THE WHOLE SHABANG (the entire Online Gallery of files for download): $250


Please note that these are “mini” sessions and do not contain all the features of our full portrait sessions.
The maximum allocated time for each session is 30 minutes (this is strictly adhered to- we hope you’ll understand). If you feel you’d like to have more time once we start, we can convert you to the full session (as long as we don’t have any commitment immediately following your session).
These sessions are for families / groups of 6 or less only. Excludes maternity and newborns.
The inclusions in the Mini Session are listed above and does not include all the images that we take. You have the option of purchasing additional images if you choose.
A $50, non-refundable deposit is required upon booking, and the remainder is due prior to the delivery of any product (not applicable for sessions booked using one of our Gift Certificates)
The client agrees to the standard portrait Terms & Conditions as listed here, in addition to the information on this page
This offer maybe withdrawn at any time.