Why Choose Us?

When choosing your photographer, whether it be for your wedding or portrait, you should absolutely ask the question- Why Choose Us?



We think that we will be a good fit for you if you value the following:

  • Great customer service, from the moment you contact us
  • A professional team that will bend over backwards to make your pictures special, and your photo session amazingly fun!
  • Honest & integrity, and a love for the art


Our goal is a simple one: to deliver the finest images to you and to provide you with the greatest value possible, all with a friendly smile. In general, we do not offer discounts as we believe that our services and products are great value! We do acknowledge that every person has a budget, and we’ll work with you to give you the best “bang for your buck”.

We don’t skimp on cheap prints or albums, and we always deliver professionally edited images. Derek Chai Photography is opposed to the philosophy of just giving you everything as they are and then letting you sort it out. We’ll help you with the behind-the-scenes stuff too, like helping you to choose a location, advise you on outfits, and help you assemble albums that you’ll be proud to show your family and friends. We’ll reply to all your questions within 24 hours. We use professional photography gear, with backups. We have insurance and will help you every step of the way. And we make everything fun!

We don’t do mediocre. We don’t do “near enough is good enough”. Our images are designed to give you a lifetime of beautiful memories. You deserve it. And if this all sounds wonderful to you, then maybe, just maybe, we’re the photographers for you.

So sorry, our discount policy is that we don’t have a discount policy. We do however, occasionally haveĀ seasonal promotions, that will give you even greater value. That could be us trying a new product or a new piece of camera gear or setup for the first time.

And this is why we think that discounts are bad business, both for us and for you. We want to build trust with our clients, and we want you to know that we always have you in mind. Our packages are designed to be both beautiful and cost-efficient, all the time. If we were to offer say, a 20% off promotion once a month, you’d probably think that our regular prices are 20% higher that what they should be!

An exception to this policy is that we will consider special circumstances, such as charitable / fund-raising events. You can Contact Us if this applies to your enquiry.

We’d love to work with you and help you create images that you love.