Day +80: Chilly weekend

Sydney is currently in the grip of a cold spell; today had a top temperature of 14C, but the wind made it feel a lot colder. Coupled with a cold that I’ve had most of the week (and still have), we didn’t get up to too much. We went to the park, but it was too cold to stay there for long. There was a cute dog there though.

The cold weather was a perfect opportunity to practise some ring shots. This type of shot would be impossible without a macro lens. I don’t have a macro lens for my 5Diii, but I do have a 60/2.8 macro for the micro four-thirds system. I mounted this great lens onto my Olympus OMD-EM1, and took a few shots. It is amazing how this lens can pick out the finest details (including the many scratches from the years of wear of the rings- I think this is a sign of long-lasting love). Click on one of the smaller images to open a slideshow:


Macro lenses do open up a whole new world of photography. All you need is an interesting subject, good light, nice background, and a steady hand!