spring purple flower

Day +873: Spring Is Here

Spring is here. Flowers are in bloom, from magnolias to blossoms. Signs that warmer (read: hot) weather is just around the corner. First week of September, and Sydney already has bushfires 🙁     Now is the time to come out of hibernation, organise yourself, and then go get it. Every day is a new […]

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Day +185: Cooma

This weekend, we went to Cooma, my wife’s hometown. In Winter, Cooma becomes a hub for skiers who pass through on the way to the Snowy Mountains. At other times of the year, it slumbers. The scenery is nice, but there’s not much there. Even the ice cream isn’t that good. This is the garden […]

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Day +171: Flowers & bees

I’m trying to get my daughter interested in photography, and so far haven’t had much luck. She’s not so patient right now, and I think she was over-photographed when she was little. But anyway, I’m trying. It’s better than sitting in front of the television or the PlayStation! We took a short walk up our […]

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