DAY +59: Mountains, Markets, Antiques & Junk

It was a cold, overcast Sunday, but we made the drive up to the Blue Mountains, something we’ve been wanting to do again for a little while. On the drive up, we came across a market in Lawson, and we stopped by for a look. It was surprisingly good, and my wife came away with a large crystal bowl (which kinda looks like the Goblet of Fire), and my daughter a mirror.


Leura was particularly busy; yesterday was the Mid-Winter Magic Festival, and I think there were a lot of people leftover from then. We ate lunch at a place we’ve been to many times over the years, the “Wayzgoose CafĂ©”. They’re famous for their “Flowerpot Scones”, but the lamb with haloumi and the wedges were pretty nice too.


The rest of Leura was, in all, pretty “meh”. Many trips in the past have yielded pens, stationary, toys, wallets, and other goods, but this time, no such luck. In fact, the pen and paper stores are no longer, and the toy store looks like it’s going to close down any day. I don’t understand the logic of selling toys that are available (at a much cheaper price) at K-Mart. Why not sell stuff that is innovative or trendy (or even Harry Potter wands or something- my personal preference would be Disney products, but I can only dream)?

Before heading back down the mountain, we went to Blackheath, and visited the Victoria Theatre Antique Centre.

20150621-Blackheath-005 20150621-Blackheath-006 20150621-Blackheath-013

Shelf after shelf of “antiques”, to use the term loosely. But I guess the expression goes “one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure”. There did seem like some genuine treasures, but mostly the price tags were ridiculous.

20150621-Blackheath-007 20150621-Blackheath-009 20150621-Blackheath-008

20150621-Blackheath-015 20150621-Blackheath-011

Needless to say, we left the centre empty-handed.