Day +352: Birthday Fun

Family fun day in the city, turned into a little impromptu photoshoot behind the Art Gallery (we were going to go inside, but they wanted me to check in my backpack with my camera gear to the cloak room). Sorry, I don’t post photos of my daughter here… Oh BTW, in the featured image above, the necklace was given to my daughter by her BFF in Cali (they met the last time we went to Disneyland), and she loves it. On a sadder note, she lost her little ring she bought at the Easter Show somewhere in the city 🙁

Never really walked around Hyde Park before, but there was a guy there with bubbles keeping all the kids interested (there were wedding parties everywhere too).


All the photos on this post taken with the Batis 85mm/1.8 lens:


How good is the bokeh on this thing?



I’m currently working hard to get the rest of my website up to scratch, with prices for portrait sessions and weddings. I’ll be adding more images to the galleries real soon!