Day +171: Flowers & bees

I’m trying to get my daughter interested in photography, and so far haven’t had much luck. She’s not so patient right now, and I think she was over-photographed when she was little. But anyway, I’m trying. It’s better than sitting in front of the television or the PlayStation!

We took a short walk up our street, just before it started to pour down (which is great, because we haven’t had rain for a LONG time).

20151011- flowers

Some of the neighbourhood guard dogs were not impressed:

20151011- dogs



The world of macro photography is quite specialised, and it’s T-O-U-G-H. For starters, you need a macro lens (there are other ways, like extension tubes, but that’s getting beyond complicated) and a keen eye.

In macro photography, the depth-of-field is naturally very shallow, so you have to use small apertures (the smaller the better), which means you’re gonna need a lot of light (plus a steady hand or tripod).

It’s hard enough to get a good macro shot of something still (and flowers are not always still, especially on a windy day), but try getting a good sharp image of something that is moving!

In our backyard, we have a native tree that bees LOVE. I took about 25-30 shots, and only managed to get 2 serviceable ones. And even they are not completely sharp at 100% crop. You see, bees like to fly around, and they don’t like to stand still.

20151011-bees-034The above photo is what I came up with. Next time, I’ll try with more light, and see how I go.

Have fun!