Day +165: Back to work tomorrow :-(

Annual leave, it was nice meeting you. And thanks for the weather the last few days- not! Being 35 degrees outside, we were pretty much restricted to indoor activities. Leaves fell shrivelled ( I did not realise until now, but I’ve created an optical illusion below- looks like the picture is sloping downwards). Wow, maybe I could make money from this :-)- oh wait, I think somebody has already come up with this idea. Bummer!


As shown in the featured image, I’ve taken to colouring in. It’s actually quite relaxing (except for the times when my obsessive tendencies emerge and I get really picky about the colours I use). The whole family is into this colouring-in caper:


The girls did some craft:


Rupert the furry toy / miniature poodle (he needs a haircut) just sat around:


Whilst Smokey had no idea how hot it actually was outside:


I just pottered around home using my 100mm macro lens:



Tomorrow, work and school starts- and life returns to normal. I crave more days when life is “un-normal”.



Photographing pets. Everybody loves to take pictures of their pampered pooches and felines. But it’s tough. Why? Because they are curious friends and they don’t stay still! You get better success when they’re tired, but be prepared to burn a lot of film (not in this digital age, but you know what I mean). Good pet images are very much like good people portraits- and the principles are the same: good composition, well exposed, sharp focus (the eyes are critical) and shallow depth-of-field to blur out the background.

One thing I don’t do when photographing pets- use flash. Flash does 2 things to our furry friends:

  1. It scares them. If you must add extra light, they tolerate continuous lighting much better than flash. That’s because flash is like lightning, and our dog especially, hates thunderstorms.
  2. It gives them this “alien” glow in their eyes and it looks really horrible

Until next time…