Day +313: Avoca Markets

Once a month (Sunday), Avoca Beach becomes a haven for market lovers. Crafts, food, and entertainment are the order of the day.


The markets are located adjacent to the waterfront (a beach which extends inwards as a lagoon):

On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d rate this market a 6. Markets these days aren’t as charming; there is less originality and mostly, they are expensive. Old (actual) junk is classified as “antique”, supposedly an excuse to charge ridiculous prices. At least one vendor lost a sale by not accepting credit. Are people expected to carry hundreds of dollars in cash? I’m sorry, but people aren’t going to think about your stuff once they leave; they are not going to look you up on the internet, and they are not going to order online.

Despite the market being mediocre, the $13 paella was yum. Chorizo, prawn and chicken- served with flare:


We visited with some friends after the markets. This is their dog:


And this was lunch (a home-made burger):


Overall, the markets was worth seeing- once; if you’re nearby. Would I drive up purposely just to visit these markets again- no. My wife loves markets, so we’ll be searching for others…

(all images on this post were taken using the 100/2.8L Canon macro lens)

I’m starting to love this lens. I have been using it on my┬áSony A7Rii + Metabones IV adapter. The AF is a little slow, so I use manual focus with focus peaking (this is a great feature on the Sony, particularly when working with Canon lenses). I love the compression that 100mm gives you. It can be a little tight with limited room to back up, but in the right situation, it’s a fantastic portraiture lens.