Day +65: Making images

There is an old saying that “your first 10,000 pictures” are your worst. And it’s true. Photography is a skill, and to be good at it, you need to do it repeatedly (ie. take a whole lot of photos). Expensive cameras don’t make a photographer, practise does.

Some folks go to the store and buy the latest camera, they bring it home, and start snapping. And then they download the images on to their computer, and they’re disappointed with what they see. Photos that are badly composed, poorly exposed, and out of focus. A large percentage of this group try a few more times, and simply give up, stating that they aren’t good at taking photos. Their camera then ends up gathering dust in a cupboard somewhere. Quite frequently, these photography novices choose subjects and situations that test even the most experienced photographers, like moving objects (namely animals or kids) in dark places (eg. indoors). This can be a nightmare scenario.

I believe that everybody can take good, if not great, images. All that is required is regular practise, and some basic knowledge of photography. Concepts like the rule of thirds, the exposure triad (ISO, shutter speed and aperture), can easily be understood with minimal study. And just by simply applying this knowledge to picture taking, the resulting images will be a million times better.

If you want to take nice photos, you gotta practise. That’s the secret. You don’t need a $5000 camera to do this. An iPhone in the right hands will produce much better photos than a 5D Mark III in inexperienced hands.

So what can you do this weekend to improve your photos?


PS- Here is an update of our cat “Smokey”. Certainly has grown up.